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Organisational and Planning Tools

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Planning and organisation are key skills for every marketer and for years, I have tried to figure out how to improve productivity and squeeze as much into a day as possible. In a recession or in a start-up environment, where there are less resources overall, this challenge becomes even more important. Great books and training courses on time-management have discussed the principles - all of which makes sense - but today we have free software tools to help us organise our time and collaborate with others. The next challenge is which tool to use as there are so many tools and it's quite easy to go from tool to tool whcih realising the benefit that comes from focusing on just a couple. I have tested quite a few of these tools over the last couple of years and the two that I have found to work for me are a combination of and Like any of these tools, you need to build up a competence in using them, but they do cut down on planning and organisation time considerably.

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